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The North Face 1996 Classic Down Vest 230927

-10% The North Face 1996 Classic Down Vest 230927

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  • MPN: Clothes-230927
  • Zipper: YKK
  • Clothes color: Black
  • Height: 155-185 cm
  • Gender: Male/Female
  • Weight: 40-95 Kg
  • Down Fill: White duck down
  • Availability: In Stock
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  • $129.99
  • $116.99
  • Ex Tax: $116.99
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Care Tips

Down jacket care tips

1. Don't wash it often

If you wear it for a few days, the cuffs and neckline may be dirty, if it is detachable, remove it and clean it, because most of the laundry detergent is alkaline, which is harmful to the grease on the down in the clothes, and if you wash it frequently, it is easy to lose warmth.

2. It cannot be wrung out

After the down jacket is washed, it should not be wrung out, the water should be squeezed out, and then spread or hung to dry, it is forbidden to expose to the sun, and do not iron, so as not to burn the clothes. After drying, it can be gently patted to restore the fluffy softness of the down jacket.

3. Hand wash the dirty parts

Similar to the first one, if the clothes are dirty, choose to wash the dirty parts by hand and do not throw them directly in the washing machine, because it is easy not to keep warm, and secondly, it is not easy to dry.

4. Use a special down jacket cleaning agent

The down jacket cleaning agent is neutral, which can reduce the damage to protein fibers, and has excellent washing power and protective conditioning effect, and can maintain the luster and internal fluffiness of the down jacket fabric after washing.

When washing, first soak the down jacket in clean water, then put in an appropriate amount of down jacket cleaning agent, prepare warm water into a lotion liquid, soak for 20 minutes, brush the dirt on the clothes with a soft brush, and then rinse it off with water. When washing and drying, you can use a hanger to gently pat, which can restore the fill volume and also help the filling to dry thoroughly and prevent mold.

5. Dry more

In the summer and autumn when you don't wear it, take out the down jacket to dry more to prevent mildew; If you find mildew, you can wipe it with a cotton ball dipped in alcohol, then scrub it with a clean wet towel, and then store it properly after drying. However, be careful not to expose it to the sun, otherwise the new clothes may fade.

Jacket maintenance method

1. Prepare before washing. Read and follow the instructions on the inside of the garment, remove items from pockets, close all zippers, glue the velcro on the cuffs, and loosen the drawstrings everywhere.

2. Washing. Use a mild detergent (such as a neutral detergent), avoid using bleach, use lukewarm water not exceeding 40°C, soak for about 10 minutes, gently rub or machine wash, rinse several times with clean water until the water is clear.

3. Drying. Dry the jacket in a ventilated, dry place away from direct sunlight, use hangers or clotheslines to dry, and avoid using clips or other sharp objects.

4. Ironing. If ironing is required, use low-temperature ironing and avoid high-heat ironing.

5. Maintenance. Regularly use a professional conditioner or water-repellent spray for maintenance, especially after wear, and use a water-repellent spray to restore the damaged water-repellent function.

6. Storage. When not wearing, try to hang it with a hanger and avoid folding it to maintain its waterproof, breathable, windproof and other properties.

Zipper YKK
Clothes color Black
Height 155-185 cm
Gender Male/Female
Weight 40-95 Kg
Down Fill White duck down

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The North Face 1996 Classic Down Vest Fabric: Domestic Exclusive ..
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The North Face 1996 Classic Down Vest Fabric: Domestic Exclusive ..
$129.99 $116.99
Ex Tax: $116.99
The North Face 1996 Classic Down Vest Fabric: Domestic Exclusive ..
$129.99 $116.99
Ex Tax: $116.99
He North Face /north 1996 Nuptse Kanye The Same Down Jacket 开 The..
$129.99 $116.99
Ex Tax: $116.99
The North Face 1996 Classic Down Vest Fabric: Domestic Exclusive ..
$129.99 $116.99
Ex Tax: $116.99
The North Face 1996 Classic Down Vest Fabric: Domestic Exclusive ..
$129.99 $116.99
Ex Tax: $116.99
He North Face /north 1996 Nuptse Kanye The Same Down Jacket 开 The..
$129.99 $116.99
Ex Tax: $116.99